I knew when I first spoke with Lauren that it was going to be an interesting relationship, but I couldn’t have predicted our amazing first visit. We held a demonstration with Lauren at our farm for about 25 horse owners and Lauren nailed each horses’ behavior and personality, as well as what the owner could do to enhance their relationships. She spent the afternoon drawing out a few skeptics and truly opening their eyes, as well as the rest of the group, with her insights and knowledge. She’s a very peaceful person with a quiet touch around the horses. I have always felt I had a good bond with my horse, Dodger, and now I can’t wait to continue growing with him and seeing where it takes us! We all enjoyed our time and look forward to working with her more throughout the years.

-Shannon Habenicht
The Carolinas Equestrian
Waxhaw, NC

Lauren has a special gift for communicating with animals. Our family recently acquired two horses who were new to us and each other. Lauren visited our farm and spent a generous amount of time hanging with the horses and our family. It was remarkable to have insight into how they were adapting to their new environment and humans. We believe Lauren accurately identified what is going on with them. It has helped us tremendously in developing our relationship with them. We would highly recommend her unique services to anyone wishing for an improved relationship with their animal companions or anyone needing help or insight into dealing with behavior problems.

As a holistic veterinary practitioner for the past 25 years, I have interacted with many animal communicators. I feel that Lauren has a unique and gifted ability to connect with animals and that anyone needing animal help would benefit from her services.

-Dr. Charles Loops, DVM
Pittsboro, NC

For anyone who wonders if this is legit, here is what I can tell you:

Both times that Lauren has done sessions with me, she has said things about both my horses that she could not have known ANY other way. Things about their history, medical issues that you cannot see by looking at them, they aren’t on my FB page and I fed her ZERO info on these horses.

She definitely brings a calming peace over them as she handles them and in BOTH sessions she has made in depth observations about me and has spent time trying to help me as well.

Overall I think there is absolute legitimacy in what she does and that she will leave you knowing more about your animals (and yourself) and there is value in the ways she can help you. Big and Rocket got to share their stories yesterday.

-Jewell Horton
Pender County Animal Shelter
Burgaw, NC

It was amazing to watch Lauren tune in to Layla. She had an immediate understanding of Layla’s life purpose and her needs, both physical and emotional. It was beautiful to connect with Layla through Lauren. I am so grateful to Lauren for her gift. I have a deeper understanding of Layla and her big open heart. I would recommend this experience to any animal owner!

-Heather Wilson
Wilmington, NC

Lauren has been to my farm on 2 occasions. The first time she helped me with my grieving process when my horse Joby was killed by an irresponsible gun owner. She helped put my mind at ease and gave me a positive outlook. The second time Lauren visited, she really helped me to understand my new horse Dusty. She picked up on his personality at once. My joker. She helped me form a plan and gave me insight to make our bond stronger.

I highly recommend Lauren. She’s an expert at what she does and I give her a tremendous thank you for everything she did for me.

-Susanne Wright
Monroe, NC

Lauren visited our farm today. It was not only a fun and insightful experience, but also embodied a relaxing grounded energy. Lauren has a heart for people and animals and shares her gift in a unique and soulful manner. We had a lovely time with Lauren and I encourage you and your animals to enjoy her gift too!

-Melissa Deal
Owner, Victory Land Dressage
Burgaw, NC

Not only is Lauren Wingate gifted in the art of animal communication but she is gifted in reading the language of the horse, utilizing powerful techniques to help horse and rider regain confidence and a lasting bond of partnership. I was amazed to watch her in action.

-Jilliana Raymond
New Bern, NC

My horse and I thoroughly enjoyed our session with Lauren. She has a very gentle and understanding approach and the reading was incredibly accurate and insightful! My horse was very relaxed and seemed to like Lauren a lot! I highly recommend her services!

-Deanna Corby
Dressage Trainer, Instructor, Competition Judge

As a professional dog trainer, the skill of reading a dog helps tremendously with the ability to communicate what you are trying to teach them. I found myself at a loss with my newly adopted 5 year old hound that is totally blind. After reading all that I could find on training and living with a blind dog I opted to try a different approach and called Lauren to come and meet my girl, hoping a reading could give me answers to some of my questions. I was totally amazed with not only the information I was given about my dog but I also learned how my dog perceived her environment and family.

With this new information, I truly believe my girl has settled into what I now know is the space and routine that she enjoys most.

Thank you Lauren!

-Barb Raab CPDT-KA
Council for Professional Dog Trainers
Knowledge Assessed

How does she do that?! My friend gave me a gift certificate for Lauren because she had consulted with her and knew I had always wanted to know what my cat was thinking.
I am hooked and learned so much. Love her!

Melbourne, Australia

Lauren is amazing to watch and provides such insight to her clients about their animals...and themselves!

-Marcia Bowen
Waxhaw, NC

Lauren's gift became obvious to me at our first meeting. She is able to quickly create a connection that is viable and vibrant and her intuition and ability to see straight into the heart and soul is truly remarkable to experience. I was an "open minded skeptic" when we started and an open hearted advocate after our first session.

If you are looking for insight into yourself and human/animal connection, then look to Lauren to facilitate your understanding and expand your vision...you won't likely be disappointed.

-Susan O’Brien
Canine Behavior Counselor
A New Leash
Pacific Grove CA

Had a wonderful session with Lauren! She has helped me better understand my new saddle donkey by giving me information that will help me help him. It was truly fascinating what she knew. Lauren told me some things that I knew were factual that I had not shared with her, so she really hit the ball out of the park with my reading! Thanks Lauren!

-Aimee Gregg Boese Mitchell
Burgaw, NC

Lauren has made a tremendous difference in the quality of our lives through horses! Her methods of connecting us to our horses were so simple and met with amazing results. Once she taught us how to speak “horse”, all of the dots connected and we transitioned into to a sweet, happy spot with our 2 young equines. This centered energy approach has had a positive impact on our everyday communications with career, marriage, family, and friends. We’ve learned how honest horses are - they relate straight from their hearts.

I would encourage all who want to reach that Ah Ha moment of being at one with their horses to take the leap of faith and invite Lauren to teach her methods.

I can wholeheartedly say, Thank You Lauren! You are a blessing to all who long for a special relationship with their beloved equines. Your Devoted Fan!

-Mary Beth
Wilmington, NC

Lauren came to my farm to do readings on several of my hunter/jumpers in training. I was very excited to work with her but had no idea what we would witness as a group. One particular mare had been in a bad situation at another barn and was mistrustful of people and other horses. She had a cribbing problem and did not like anyone near her but immediately welcomed Lauren’s touch. The mare’s body convulsed many times while Lauren worked with her. She released so much anxiety to the point that she wanted to lie down! It was an experience I can't really even explain but will say it was truly very moving. Lauren described the connections we had with our horses and dogs and shared with all of us what they were thinking. Our farm looks forward to a continued great relationship and connection with Lauren.

- Valentina Timpone
Horse Trainer/Owner, Timpone Stables

I had one of the most confident rides this morning on Bella that I’ve had in years!!! We connected the moment I went out and when it was all done and I was drying her off, after a spray down, she started to smell me in one of the most intense connected ways that’s ever happened. It was different from her looking for cookies, she released her jaw time and time again and started licking and chewing (Lauren released her jaw in our phone session)!! I knew immediately the moment I sat in the saddle, it was what feeling at home was like. THANK YOU, Lauren, for helping us open up!

Concord, NC

I met with Lauren because my new puppy and I were just not working out. Despite my efforts, she was out of control and I was beginning to think that I had made a mistake with my new family member.

Lauren came into our home, assessed the situation in her own special, unique way and was able to quickly pick up on the energy issues between me and the puppy.

I have used her guidance ever since to transform the relationship I have, not only with my puppy, but with myself. I’m beyond grateful for Lauren’s expertise, help and care. She has a special gift! For anyone with animal needs, I would highly recommend calling Lauren. She is very talented, intuitive, kind, intelligent and perceptive. She does amazing work!

Wilmingon, NC

Again, I want to thank you very much for coming to my farm today. I’ve known for quite awhile that I have some very special horses, each with very different personalities and opinions. I’m grateful to you for helping me to sort things out so that I can not only enjoy each one of them with a deeper understanding, but just as importantly, to be able to provide each of them with a more meaningful life and one that they each can truly participate in at a higher level.

You have a special Gift. Thank you for sharing it with me and my herd today.

South Carolina

Since I was 6 I’ve been terrified of horses. Which is odd, given my extreme love of pretty much every other animal on earth. Today, I was lead through a breathing/meditation process of breathing in though my nose and out though my heart. With my eyes closed I listened to the sounds of the stables, the horses talking to each other, the carpenter bees buzzing. I smelled the hay, the pastures all around me, and the soft, warm smell of horse. I was suddenly overcome with peace. Lauren guided me into that place of peace and comfort and I had the astounding pleasure of meeting this beautiful creature. His fur was so soft, a stark contrast to his braided mane, which was coarse. I ran my hands over his back and felt every muscle. I rested my head on his side and felt his calm, contented energy over take me. I've never known what it's like to not be afraid of a horse... I don't post many pictures of just myself... this picture is so special. Look at my eyes. Look at my smile. This is what peace looks and feels like with Lauren Wingate.

-Jess Shiplett
Wilmington, NC

My husband and I adopted a 5-year-old retired show Italian Greyhound and named him Mario. He is the sweetest dog but we were having a few problems: he was slow to obey the commands that I was teaching him (although he seemed to know what I was asking him to do) and he started urinating in our closet (not good!).

I had heard about Lauren and called her to see if she could help. Within just a few minutes of reading Mario, she had much information to share with me. It was very clear to her that Mario was an extremely intelligent dog and highly manipulative!!! He downplayed this part of himself by trying to be inconspicuous. To Lauren, it was evident that Mario wanted to be the alpha in our little pack because I was not displaying the leadership skills necessary for him to feel comfortable.

Lauren listened to Mario, shared with me, and we went into action. She did not require a complicated or long, drawn-out program to get results. She truly can communicate with our animals and share in a very decisive way. I recommend Lauren 110%!

-Lynette Masztakowski
Cool, CA

I have been riding a Spanish mare for the last few months. I have owned and ridden many high-level dressage horses over the years. I decided to ask Lauren to read this mare because I had questions about her personality and was considering competing with her.

Within a matter of minutes she was able to tell me that this mare was looking for companionship more than being a partner in competition. Lauren said that the mare was sweet and uncomplicated and could do some of the moves I was starting to ask of her but she was only doing it to please me.

Then she looked at me and read me!!! She said I needed a complex horse because I got bored otherwise and that I needed a horse who was looking for a challenge both in and out of the ring. She said I had the strength of leadership necessary for a horse with layers of complexity. Also, any other type of horse that lacked that kind of spirit would leave me and my future horse frustrated. I had never looked at it that way but it made perfect sense to me.

Lauren is now helping me to find just the right horse that has the drive and willingness to compete at the levels I want to go. Her guidance and insight is saving me so much time and money. What an amazing gift. I am soooo happy I met Lauren when I did.

Ocala, FL

I was sort of skeptical going in, but once Lauren called, it was all flowing. She told me things only I could know about my sweet mare. We had a very positive session and I learned a lot of new ways to better myself for my mare and I, individually and as a team.

-Victoria Carroll
Horse Enthusiast and Cat Mom
Eventing Area III
Atlanta, GA

Lauren, thank you for an interesting and validating session. Your energy was so warm and insightful, and you gave me so much to consider. Also, I am sure that Felix enjoyed being asked, and heard. I look forward to connecting again soon with Gracie.

Boston, MA

In our session, Lauren picked up right away that my dog, Barney, had an unusually sensitive soul. She also picked up that Barney suffered from intense separation anxiety. She said that there was another small dog coming into our lives and that this was going to alleviate the separation anxiety issues. She had no way of knowing that I have been wanting a small, second dog for a while.

Barney told Lauren that he had a favorite treat that was in a red box . My first thought was “no, Barney liked Greenies”.

After Lauren left, I went to the kitchen and asked Barney if he wanted a cookie...I looked on the shelf and there was a box with red labelled chewy treats! I looked down at Barney who was smiling and waiting for his favorite cookie!

Since our session 2 weeks ago, we now have a new puppy!

If you have a chance to do a session with Lauren, do it! Your animal friend will be glad you did! Thank you, LAUREN!

-Valerie Ann List
Wilmington, NC

Lauren completely captured the personality of my Coton de Tulear and helped me understand how to relate to him so we could have a more harmonious relationship. I have complete faith in her communication skills. I've watched her work her magic with other animals and it is utterly fascinating. People are so amazed with her accuracy. She is the real deal.

Dallas, TX

Lauren is just amazing with her ability to understand animals and know what they need. Having never met my lhasa apso, Bailey, she studied a photo of him and he told her that he was lonely and wanted a buddy.

I wasn't sure I wanted another dog, but Lauren encouraged me and helped me select a new member of the family. I sent her many pictures of different rescue dogs but Lauren said that I had picked dogs that had the wrong temperament to get along well with Bailey. Finally, Miss Right appeared when Best Friends Animal Rescue called me with an adorable dog. I immediately contacted Lauren and from her photo she determined that her temperament was a perfect fit! We fell in love with our new baby girl, Bisha, and more importantly so has Bailey. He hasn't torn anything up since Bisha has been with us and we now cannot imagine not having 2 dogs.

I highly recommend Lauren to anyone who is thinking of getting a dog or is having problems with their pets. Lauren is the "fixer". She will help you create the harmonious household you hope for.

-Pam Meyer

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