What is an Animal Communicator?

An animal communicator has the ability to listen to an animalʼs thoughts through dialogue and visions that the animal shares. I have the added benefit of being able to read the animalʼs energy and connect with them vibrationally. I also see areas of the body that are compromised in some way.


How should I prepare for a session?

When I do a phone session, I like to have a photo of the animal. There is no other preparation necessary EXCEPT to listen to what your animal friend wants to share!


What types of animals can you talk to with animal communication?

ALL animals have something to share that they want their people to know. I have not met an animal that does not have something to say!


Can animal communication help me choose the right pet?

Part of the beauty of animal communication is the ability to help people pick the right pet for their home that will blend well with the people and other pets. I have a wonderful story on my Testimonials page - check it out!


Lauren w/ Black Dog

Have More Questions?

Send me a message! I'd be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.