Connecting Animals & People Worldwide

The Wingate Way is a method of connecting animals and people in a profoundly deep way. Through my intuitive, psychic, and energetic abilities, animals give me a clear understanding of what they want their people to know. It is a truth-based, revealing process.

Animals are as individual as humans with as many varying personalities. Some have a funny sense of humor and some are very serious and know they are here to serve. Whatever the animal, they all have a point of view and my greatest joy is to share what they want to communicate.

My mission and my passion is to improve the quality of the relationships humans have with their animals and for both to have a mutually rewarding relationship. No matter the distance, I can communicate with people and their animals from around the world and have a worldwide client base. My sessions are done in person or over the phone.

I invite you to explore my site and look forward to communicating with you and your animal friends!











I offer animal communication services in person, or on the phone. Large or small, whatever the animal, my insightful gift offers you the “Aha” moment to help you understand your animal friend.

Gift Certificates

Give this one-of-a-kind gift to someone you know who has that special love and connection with their favorite animal. The recipient will receive a beautifully designed certificate and very memorable information about their animal!


Are you considering bringing a new animal into your life? I can help you with the selection process ensure that the animalʼs personality is a good fit for you, your family, and any other animals you may have in your home.









In the News

Lauren’s Interview with Star News Online - July 2018

Lauren Wingate of Wilmington offers consultations to tell you what your animal companion is thinking.  A bit like Doctor Dolittle, Lauren Wingate talks to the animals.

Not with words, exactly: “I go into a place where animals live,” the Wilmington resident said, “and that place is a place of energy.”

Through that energy, she maintains, she can read an animal’s thoughts and feelings -- in English, she said.

“Often, they’re frustrated that can’t express what it is they want us to know,” she added.

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Lauren’s Article in The Carolinas Equestrian Magazine Winter 2017-2018

As an animal communicator, I have the ability to listen to an animal’s thoughts through dialogue (yes, in English!) and see the visions that the animal shares. My telepathy, intuition, and energy connections, help the animals and their humans to understand each other in a profoundly deep way. This bridge of communication is keenly insightful. Communication is a vital component to all good relationships. It is the underlying heartbeat of every relationship.

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